Doing Good Together

In the Community

As a co-operative of 9,000 farming families, we know just how much good can come from working together.

Which is why we’re working with partners right across the country to put good quality nutrition in the hands of those who need it most, to protect and regenerate the environment for future generations, and to provide the care and support that keeps our communities strong. Because a better Aotearoa comes from doing good together.

A better Aotearoa comes from Doing Good Together

Doing good in the community to care for people, the environment & our Co-op for generations

Here's how we're working together to help put good quality nutrition in the hands of those who need it most, protect and regenerate the environment for future generations and provide care and support that keeps our rural communities strong.

Fonterra partners with NZFN

Fonterra has recently signed up as a foundation donor partner to the newly created New Zealand Food Network, a food charity that stores and re-distributes large volumes of surplus and donated food.

‘Meating’ the Need

While COVID-19 lockdown rules have now been eased, many New Zealand foodbanks remain under huge pressure as breadwinners lose their jobs and savings run dry.

Partnering to help out where we can - delivering milk and food to those in need

When New Zealand went into Covid-19 lockdown Fonterra’s In-School programmes (Fonterra Milk for Schools and KickStart Breakfast) let Principals know that, at their discretion, they could send product that was already at schools’ home with those most in need.

Fonterra set to be home to NZ’s first electric milk tanker – here’s 10 facts

More than 100 years ago, Fonterra’s Waitoa site had New Zealand’s largest fleet of electric milk trucks.

New Zealand’s first carbonzero milk

New Zealand’s first carbonzero milk, Simply Milk, hits supermarket shelves this week, meaning Kiwis can now enjoy their milk and have the satisfaction of helping the environment.

A new phase begins in Fonterra seaweed trial aiming to reduce on-farm emissions

In 2020, we entered a partnership with Sea Forest to see if using Asparagopsis seaweed as a supplement feed for dairy cows could reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Celebrating eight years of the Living Water partnership

We’ve recently reached the milestone of eight years since we started working with the Department of Conservation (DOC) through the Living Water partnership, which helps us identify and trial game-changing and scalable solutions that show dairying and freshwater can thrive together.

Cleaning water with nature

Our Maungatūroto site has been using nature to reduce its water usage by up to 25%.

Boosting the survival of the rare kōkako bird

We’re proud to have partnered with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to support Kāpiti Island’s first translocation of threatened kōkako in nearly two decades.

Reaching new sustainability heights by saving tyres

Fonterra’s reaching new sustainability and safety heights by the way it’s saving tanker tyres. By changing the way it monitors tyre tread wear, for greater optimisation, 2,900 tyres have been saved over the course of one year.

How one community has rallied to protect whitebait

It might be whitebait season right now but a community in Northland is more set on making new homes for the silvery-white fish than catching them.

Rod’s life cycle

Rod Rutherford– a tanker operator from Fonterra Tirau, had his world turned upside-down 12 months ago, after a cough led to a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

Proud Employer of Fire and Emergency Volunteers

As New Zealand’s biggest employer of volunteer firefighters, we’re proud to have our contribution to the communities we live and work in recognised by Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).

The power of positivity

Farmer, personal trainer, mental health advocate and self-confessed ‘energizer bunny’ - just a few of the many ways to describe Felicity Clark.

Surf and turf

When the going gets tough, getting active in nature is a proven method of improving mental health, which is how Surfing for Farmers was started, to give farmers an outlet away from the pressures of work.

A Good Reason for a ‘GoodYarn’

One of the hardest things is when you know someone is struggling but you’re not sure how to help. That was the issue Fonterra wanted to tackle when we rolled out the “GoodYarn” mental health workshops.

Fonterra scientists inspiring the next generation

A team of six scientists from Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre (FRDC) headed along to the Girl-Powered Workshop on recently to ‘wow’ local students with science.

Women taking the wheel

Diversity is a very important part of Fonterra and we’re always on the look-out for more women to get behind the wheel of our tankers. We already have 66 female Tanker Operators in New Zealand, two in Australia and 32 women employees in National Transport and Logistics, but we know can always do better.

Rubber to the road

The Merri River School puts a big emphasis on bike education and road safety – now the students have ten new mountain bikes to ride around on.

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Together, we’ve built something special

Each year our Stanhope site gives 50 trailer loads of material that gets upcycled into things for the community. The Shed has become a place of creativity, friendship, and support.

Together, we’re helping protect communities

The 2018 St. Patrick’s Day fires were devastating to the farmers and communities in western Victoria. The Bostocks Creek CFA was fundraising for a new vehicle, it only seemed right we made a contribution.

At the heart of our communities

We support a wide range of initiatives & projects throughout regional New Zealand.  These include school groups, educational groups, charitable trusts, sports clubs and local emergency services for a wide range of environmental, community and health and safety initiatives.

See what we're doing below:

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