Flexible Shareholding

An overview of our new capital structure
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A Step-by-Step guide to our new Flexible Shareholding capital structure

Flexible Shareholding, our new capital structure designed to give farmers more flexibility, will come into effect in late March 2023, subject to the Board’s final approval. For an overview of what it took to get to this point, click here.

The rest of this section is designed for farmers as a guide to the new structure. You’ll see a simple navigation tool below to help every kind of shareholder. This is for guidance only – you’ll still need to refer to the Rules for Shareholding and the Constitution. As always, if you’re thinking of buying or selling Fonterra shares, take advice from your financial advisor, accountant, lawyer or other professional.

You can also refer to the Investor section for more information on our current performance and financial results.

We’re not here to tell you how to invest or provide financial advice, but we know from speaking with many farmers that a step-by-step guide on the options available would be a real help. So we hope you find this tool helpful.

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Take a look at the Rules for Shareholding.

Print-friendly version available here.